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About Kevin


“Inspire until you expire, go against the social norm, spread positivity, make an impact, and live the life you envision for yourself. Don't ever let your dream die, fight for it tooth and nail.”
- Kevin Pavlidis

Who Is Kevin

A New York kid and a proud Eagle Scout, Kevin spent his childhood exploring the Long Island waterways and sanctuaries. As soon as he was able, he struck out on his own to explore wildlife across the country. In the summer of 2017 he drove from Michigan to Florida, discovering nature and friendship in the strangest of places. 

Shortly after, he made the life-changing decision to move to Florida to pursue his dream of working with Alligators. Once there, he realized he had to do something about the critical problem of invasive Burmese pythons. So, he started working as a python hunter as well and has since removed 700+ pythons from the Everglades to date, an accomplishment that is already showing restored areas. 


Kevin’s Inspiration

“Steve Irwin changed my life in so many ways. I can hardly imagine what my life would be like without his influence. Continuing his legacy of wildlife education and changing people's perceptions is my life's mission.”

- Kevin Pavlidis

Save wildlife in the U.S. and around the world by donating to Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

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