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Alligator Rescue

Kevin is proud to be part of a team that provides a space for rescued gators to thrive and educate the public about their value and beauty.


The American Alligator is one of only two species of Alligator in the world. Tremendous work has been done to restore populations, and they have in fact been taken off the endangered species list. But people are encroaching on their territory and threatening their habitat. Alligators are killed in the hundreds each year across the country.

Learn more about Alligators.

Watch Kevin save an alligator from an 11 ft python!

In Everglades National Park there has been a 90% decline in mammal populations since the introduction of invasive pythons. they eat everything in their path. In this video Kevin came across an 11 ft. Burmese Python wrapped around a nearly 3 ft. American Alligator, the icon of the Everglades and rescued the native Alligator.

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